MoveIt Setup Assistant Error


I’m getting an error when trying to import a model from Solidworks using MoveIt. After using the, source devel/setup.bash and then roslaunch moveit_setup_assistant setup_assistant.launch, I get the following error when I try to use the setup assistant, ‘ROS was unable to find the package name " within the ROS workspace. This may cause issues later’. After this, the SolidWorks model that I am trying to import does not show up on the right of the Moveit window. Is there something I can do to fix this?



So this issue could be that the package where the meshes are is not well created or something similar. I would recommend before using moveit , to try to load the robot_description in the param server and open RVIZ. Also create simulation with it. Take a look at the ours eon URDF

Also have a look at the course on Manipulation it will guide you with the moevit topic.