Moving to a Real Robot

Hi All,

Where can I go to learn how to apply this stuff on a real robot? I couldn’t find any suitable course at Robotignite that teaches that? I have access to a few turtlebots (and other robots).



Hi Paulo,
you can see an example about how to create your own robot from zero and ROSify it (make it work with ROS) at the course Your First Robot With ROS.

Does that answer your question?

Hi Ricardo,

Many thanks for the reply. I’ll have a look into this course.

But, please, let me rephrase my question: how can I run the Topics Quiz code on a real turtlebot?


OK I see your point here.

So I assume, you have a Turtlebot 2. The Turtlebot comes already ROSified, it is, it works with ROS. Depending on the vendor, you may need to start the ROS system by yourself once the Turtlebot computer has booted. Do the following:

  1. Launch the turtlebot bringup. This will make your robot provide a topic for the cmd_vel and for the odometry (as well as other things).
  2. Launch the laser driver (this depends on the laser you included on your robot). This will create the laser topic
  3. Create a catkin_ws in your robot’s computer
  4. Download the quiz packages from the academy into your catkin_ws
  5. Modify the topics of your quiz code to accommodate the ones of your real robot (depending on the vendor and version, the topics may vary the name. You just need to identify the name of the laser topic in your real robot (rostopic list) and use that in your code. Repeat the same procedure for odometry and cmd_vel)
  6. Compile your code
  7. Launch!

Hope this helps


Thank you very much. Much appreciated. I’ll try that.

We will in the next weeks create a series of videos in our channel that will address this kind of issues and much more, so I’ll post the links here when there are uploaded in the next weeks.


Yeah will really help

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