My Drone does not move after Exercise1.3

My drone is moving very wired after I did “rostopic pub /drone/pos_ctrl std_msgs/Bool [TAB] [TAB]”.
I tried to refresh the simulation and delete catkin_ws and catkin make again, but it is not working.
It slowly goes down to the ground, after takeoff.
Sometimes, it does not stop at the proper altitude and keeps going higher.

Could anyone tell me, what caused it…??
Please help me to solve this…
Thank you

Hello @kahilyhashim10,

When executing the below command:

rostopic pub /drone/pos_ctrl std_msgs/Bool "data: true"

You are activating a different control mode, the position mode. This will cause the drone to move to the ground. After this, you can send positions to the drone as explained in the notebook: