My learning path dissappeared

Hello, I canceled my subscription 3 days ago because I will not have so much time to learn for the next weeks. But my current billing period is still active until the 19th of May, and that’s what I have paid for. But now I wanted to continue my learning path, but it disappeared. It says that I do not follow any learning plan. But that’s not true because I started a learning plan in February.

Could you please check that issue?
Thank you


Thank you for subscribing, thank you for contacting us about this and welcome to the Community!

That information does not mean that you can no longer learn, it just means you need to click the “following” checkbox on the learning path you are following, as shown below:

So, just select the desired learning path, go to the desired course on the leaning path page, and continue learning. Or just start any course you wish to learn.

If you still have any doubts, please let us know.