Name on certificate

Recently, I have completed the Code Foundation for ROS and I got the certificate.
However, I forgot to change my account name, and I just changed it to my full name.
I would like to reset the certificate with my full name.

Thank you so much!

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We have reset your certificate, and it should now reflect the name on your profile.

Thank you for your response.
Could you redo it again since it accidentally took my email as the name
First Name: Hieu Le Tai
Last Name: Nguyen

Thank you

The system does not accidentally take the email as the name. It takes whatever name you put on your profile. You mentioned that you already changed the name to the right one, and that’s what it took.

Yes I have changed it and saved it many time but it just keeps change my name as whalewhaleking when I come back.

Maybe that’s because you created your Construct account using a Google account, I too faced the same problem.

I have reset the certificate again. This time it should show the “real” name.

@AshishVarma might be right. If the name on your Google profile is not the real name, you should simply correct to fix the “name reset” problem.

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