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Respected and dear Professor, I apologize for my many questions. But, I need them claified as I have to complete my project before 9th. I am very thankful for your kind responses.

So, I did exercise 4.7

My code is given below:

I executed the command roslaunch make_plan make_plan_launch.launch but didn’t get anything proper in the output. I opened shell #2 and tried typing rosservice call …. As I’m typing rosservice call /move… I hit tab key and it was not autocompleting it. I tried writing manually, but even then it throw some error.

Then I saw the solution and added the missing part:

In terminal, I tried running roslaunch make_plan make_plan_launch.launch in shell #1 and rosservice call… in shell #2, again nothing happened.

  1. Would you please tell me why it’s not working.
  2. Do we give frame_id , position and orientation to tell that this is the location where we want to go ?
  3. In the last pic above, why is map, position and orientation defined twice ?


  1. If it doenst autocomplete probably is because you don have the service running. Have a look by:

    rosservice list

  2. Exactly

  3. Because they are in different objects defined. I highly recommend you to go over ROSBAsics and python Basics courses ;).

Sure Professor Miguel @duckfrost
Thank you for recommendation. I’ll repeat them and try understanding more deeper and not rushing through them