Need help understanding the Data section of exercise 46 in Action clients chapter?

“Also, take into account that in some cases, the 1st message published into a topic may fail (because the topic connections are not ready yet). It’s important to bear this in mind specially for taking off/landing the drone, since it’s based in a single publication into the corresponding topics.”

I am not able to understand what this para is talking about can anyone give some context to it?

Hi @vasank1958,

This is just saying that sometimes publishing into any topic does not work the first time, so you need to take this into consideration and adjust your code accordingly. Read more in the following topic:

If you still have futher questions, please let us know. Cheers!

Thank you sir , so that means there is always a chance of message getting lost right ?

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Yes, there’s always a chance of messages getting lost, even apart from this particular case. I’ll leave you to find out the other possibilities :).