Need to edit wrong code in the note(maybe?)

Thank you for your great course and service

In the part 5 - particle filter
5.6 configuring the amcl package
There is a launch file code
and “I think”(cause i’m just a student) there are some wrong parts
actually the code made error in my environment

there are many param tag in ‘amcl node’
and the second attribute ‘default’ should be changed to ‘value’

for example in the line 20

should be change to

Maybe it was caused by copy and paste the arg tag
After changing those parts it worked well
But I want you guys check it again

Thank you

Hello @habemsu7,

Sorry for the late response. Yes, you are right, this is a mistake in the notebook. I will update the notebook in order to solve this. Thanks for your feedback!


Still not working today

Hello @brunoCC ,

I’ve just updated the notebook and the amcl launch file. Could you please try the new one and let me know if it works properly now? Thanks in advance.