Neither moveit or rviz could detect the obstacle in front of it?

I tried reset-ing simulation environment , I know its not code error as i actually was able to visualize it 3-4 hrs back.

Hello @vasank1958,

I think the robot might be too close to the obstacle. Can you try moving the robot back so that it gets a little more distance to the object? You should be able to move the robot by publishing on the /summit_xl_control/cmd_vel topic. Or you can also delete the object and spawn it a little bit further.


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i did try changing the spawn co-ordinates of table before couldn’t see much difference , but yes this time i shall try moving the robot back and forth . I shall get back to you soon sir .

How do you solve this problem? I’ve stuck here for 2 hours, I can not visualize the object in front of the Robot. When I do motion plan, it can not find the obstacle.


Hi :).

You can check various things:

  1. Check who is publishing in the robot state publisher, it look slike there are several publishing.
  2. Relaunching the sim might fix the issue if something got stuck there launching.
  3. Check that the contrllers are correctly set.
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Hi there,
I had the same issue that I could not see and visualize the obstacle in unit 2 part 2 and I managed to get it working by resetting the entire simulation and spawning the “table” at 1.3 metres instead of 1 metre. Now, I can see the obstacle in Rviz.
I hope this can help others as well.


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