Newbie - How and where to open terminal


I am newbie to ROSDS. I just signed up and trying to run few examples to get more clarity (basically I am trying to create a small code to get acquent myself with nodes, publish, subscribe, charts, graphs. etc).

With respect to this - I opened shell prompt from the lower bar and tried to run roscore commend in the terminal. It looks as below.

user:~$ roscore
bash: roscore: command not found

Is there any way specifically I need to open the terminal and/ or use this roscore command.

Please help me.


Hay phanids !

I guess you need to add some script in source ~/.bashrc while installing the program. Did you add that script ?

Hi @phanids

If roscore is not available, you may have opened a ROS 2 rosject or course.

You can have a better idea about the environment using the help button get started menu on the bottom right corner.

Another great place to get comfortable with the platform is the YouTube channels, check out some basic examples below: