No course or rosject running in Prequisites Exam


When I work on prerequisites I log out automatically It says “no course or rosject running” How can I get rid of this problem?

Hi @fkaraal ,

Were you redirected to the login page or just to the home on the list of courses and rosjects?

I would recommend you to refresh the webpage, do a logout and login again before re-opening the course.

Hi @fkaraal,

we are still investigating why this happens.

It started happening about one week ago, but we were not yet able to clearly determine the cause.

We will soon have it solved. In the meantime, just do a logout then login as Marco suggested.

Hi @ralves,

I am also facing this same issue today again and again. Is it connected somehow to the real robot streaming ? Because this is the only thing I did different today, while running the code suddenly the screen would start showing, then I would have to run the rosject again (4-5 times).
Now it’s happening even after the real robot time has expired.

Hi @longshen,

The system should be already working fine now. It was a failure from our side, not from yours. Please try to open the course/rosject again.

It was not a problem caused by you. We did a deployment that for some reason has failed.

We still don’t know the reason why it failed, and we are investigating it to see why it happened, and to avoid it from happening again. But as I said, it should be already working fine. Please try it again.

Sorry for any inconvenience we have caused.

Hi @ralves,

Thank you for replying.
Yes the rosject is working now and I have had it opened for sometime. No issues are coming.
Thank you solving the issue.

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