No course or rosject running

Hello, I’m facing a problem trying to access the course ROS Control 101 - Noetic.
I was in the middle of the quiz section when the course shutdown. Afterwards, whenever I’m trying to access the course, this message “No course or rosject running” appears and the environment loads forever in the background.

This problem feels similiar with:


To answer some of the question in these posts:

  • I am using Google Chrome, which was working perfectly before this problem. I also tried out Mozilla Firefox, but the problem remains. (also tried Incognito mode with the same result)

  • After being kicked out, I was taken to the dashboard screen.

  • I didn’t notice any errors prior to this.

Note: I tried accessing other courses and I have no problem with them. The error persists only for the particular course.

I am able to enter the course again now.

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