No Streaming from Camera

I was studying Unit 5: Inside the Robot! Showing the camera on the web page!
However, I don’t see any possible topic on “

I think because of that I couldn’t stream any image on the website.

Can I get any advice?
Did I miss some steps?

Thank you.

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I couldn’t upload more than one image.
Here is what my web page looks like.

Hi tjdtkadn,

I am facing the same problem, then I use rostopic list to search for /camera. And there is no /camera. I guess we have to set up the /camera topic before we can subscribe to it.

Hello @tjdtkadn, thank you for reporting. It was a problem in the selected robot for this specific unit.

It is already fixed, you must have the version of Husky with a kinect camera on top of it. Please let me know if you still have the problem



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