Not able to book any slot for the real robot

Hi, I have been trying to book a slot for many days and I am stuck on this particular page for a long time. Can anyone help me with how to book a slot and proceed to the next stage?

I am attaching the pictures of where I am stuck.

Hi @subhashmn2610 ,

The simplest way to fix this is by following these steps:

  1. Close your browser.
  2. Set your timezone on your computer / laptop to Central European Time (CET/CEST), I set to Berlin, Germany.
  3. Open your browser and get back to this website and the slots will be visible.
  4. Choose the slot you want based on the time difference.
  5. Once confirmed, close your browser.
  6. Set your computer time back to your timezone.
  7. Open the browser again and check the booking slot - it will show with respect to your timezone.
  8. Enjoy!

For more info, refer this post: Cannot reserve a Robot [TurtleBot] in Real Robot Labs