Notebook doesn't seem to work anymore in any courses (paid of free)

Hi, this issue slowly started yesterday. I’d load up a coarse or had to relogin back in dues to inactivity , but this time the notebook pane on the left was blank. Even if I detached it. I’d close out the window and relogin back in and it might be there then. A couple times it took 2 attempts to get it back . IT did it a few times earlier today. Now no matter how many times I logout and log back in I have no notebook for the coarse to follow along and am unable to do any course at all. Paid or free

That’s very very strange :cold_sweat:. Looking into that now. Will get back soon.

Hey Daryl,

I have checked and didn’t find any indication of why that could have happened. It’s possible that your browser blocked the notebook URL. I’m sorry about it.

Could you please try again and let us know if it happens? I will keep an eye on it.

Hi its still happening., it did used to work in chrome, then stopped. The title does briefly appears, but then notebook goes blank. Though in one case, there was some text and images in the notebook but it was all spread out in between white space. I tried this in Firefox and it works there but it seems slower and also the text in the ide part is messed up until I click on a directory or file

What recent change did you do on your PC, software or hardware? It seems that you’re having some memory/graphics problem on the PC (or browsers).

Is it possible to try a different PC?

Hi, none I’m aware of. I was about to try on my desktop as opposed to my laptop and decided to try the ole reboot the PC trick to see if that worked. And it did. Cleating web browser cache and all that didn’t help. Have no idea why rebooting pc did. Also I just noticed I somehow posted this issue in the Courses Category for Summit XL. sorry about that. Thougt I put this in general support

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Great, thanks for the update…good ole reboot!

You actually posted it in General Support but I recategorized it because it seemed to be course specific. Now I will change it back to General Support.

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