Old g++ version

Seems like the environment has old g++ libraries. It has many unsupported vector features.

It would helpful to have latest g++ version in the environment.


for for loop incompatibilities as well.
/home/user/catkin_ws/src/services_quiz/src/bb8_move_custom_service_server.cpp:141:26: warning: range-based ‘for’ loops only available with -std=c++11 or -std=gnu++11
for(string direction : directions_) {

Hi Shreyas
thanks for your comment. Let us consider your proposal along this week and come back to you.

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Thank you for the consideration

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Hello @cshreyastech,

We have done some tests installing the newest g++ and gcc libraries, but we are not fully sure yet they won’t affect some of our systems. We still need to do some more tests in order to be completely sure that the update is safe.

Regarding the c++11 warning, it can be easily solved. At the beginning of the CMakeLists.txt file, which is always automatically generated when you create a new ROS package, you will find a couple of lines like the ones below:

## Compile as C++11, supported in ROS Kinetic and newer
# add_compile_options(-std=c++11)

In order to allow compilation with C+11, you just have to uncomment the add_compile_options(-std=c++11) function.

Hope this helps,

Thanks @albertoezquerro. It hells.