Once subscription ends, accessibility of completed course

I want to ask once the subscription ends,
can we access the course or notes we have completed?

If not then how can we look back to what ever we have learned for any doubt or revision?
Please suggest a way

Hi, as far as i know, only the first unit of each course will be accessible after subscription ends.


  1. Make your own notes of what you learn, like any other topic, so that you can come back to it.
  2. Familiarise yourself with the site https://wiki.ros.org/, which has documentation of everything related to ROS. Everything you learn on Construct is already available on the website for free, but the problem is that the site is a bit hard to understand for someone new to the concepts. This is the gap that Construct fills. They have made the courses in such a way that anyone can understand them and in a structured manner, especially if you are new to coding itself.

So the approach i suggest is this: When learning on Construct, have the same topic open in https://wiki.ros.org/, so that it can act as notes you can come back to.


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