Open class Behavior Tree has been changed

I received a email inform me there is a Open class Behavior Tree scheduled today Dec, 27, 6 P.M. and now I try to attend this class and I have noted that this class was re-schedule to January 3.

I know that these class are free and I thank your work to prepear and broadcast but this afternoon I have been changed my plans to attend the class because I have not received any email with the change the day. .

Merry Christmas Feliz Navidad


Yes, this happens some times or the subject gets dropped. We don’t have to physically attend the class though - the fork & watch on youtube mode works well if your schedule is tight.

All the best, and happy roboting!

Hello @aguacristalina ,

My sincere apologies. We had to cancel it last minute due to some issues with the publication of the associated course. The course will be published this week, so in case you are a subscriber, you’ll be able to check it already. The Open Class will be finally held on January 10.

Thanks for your understanding.

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