`Openai_ros` and `gym` module

Hello, I’m working on ROS kinetic of Unbuntu 16.04.

Recently I followed LiveClass #81 to create Deep Reinforcement Learning env in my local PC.

According to rtellez, I need to create python3 env to use openai_ros and gym.

Unfortunately, I’ve failed to do it and suffered from compiling in the Python3 environment.

However, I think that, this page, probably written by rtellez has not said that Python 3 env or openai_Baseline is essential to use them.

And just so you know, I already can do these in my scripts:
import openai_ros
import gym

Is it necessary to compile openai_Baseline which depends on Python3 env for working with openai_ros or gym?

Thanks in advance.:slight_smile:


The need of the python3 is becuase baselines uses some elements of deeplearning that eed python3.
Its just that.
But could you cretae a ROSject or some exmaple to reproduce your issue?