Openai_ros local installation on Noetic, Ubuntu 20.04

I’m trying to install openai_ros locally on noetic to take stuff I’ve learned from the course and use it locally, but I’m having the exact same error from the linked post.

Since the Construct has now switched to Noetic, I’m guessing there must be some version of openai_ros out there that works on Noetic? Just looking for help resolving the error and installing, because I can’t find it.


I just downloaded the neede ROS packages for the simulation I needed, and installed these python3 dependencies and worked out of the box.

    pip3 install --ignore-installed \
tensorflow \
gym \
wandb \

Just donwload the open ai git:

git clone --depth 1

There is not much to it . The noetic course will be dloyed at the end of the week if everything goes to as planned