Openai_ros melodic support

I would like to setup this project in my local with ubuntu18 and ros melodic. Is openai_ros supported in ros melodic?


Hi @cshreyastech,
Yes it does work with melodic. However most of the examples and are on kinetic. I used it to control a kinova Jaco2 robotic arm using openai gym. If you are more specific on what exaclty you want to do, I might be able to help you further. For my Master Thesis I developed a modular system, that allows easy integration of Reinforcement Learning with any kind of simulation, as long as it uses python.


@simon.steinmann91, thanks for the inputs. thats interesting. I am using melodic for my master’s thesis right now on surgical robots.

I will get in touch in case I get blocked.



Still regarding melodic, which branch to start with? Kinetic or version2?

Hi @mhallakstamler, welcome to the community :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand what you mean. There is ROS1 and ROS2. Here we generally talk about ROS1 or simply ROS, as it is very well established and commonly used in research and current companies. For ROS there are several versions. Kinetic is an older version for Ubuntu 16.04. Melodic is the current version of ROS, requiring Ubuntu 18.04.

I would recommend just sticking to ROS1 melodic for now, and using the Academy here to learn ROS.

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