Package did not compile successfully


While i am starting my action server in web shells, for that i need to do “sour devel/setup.bash” in the same shell before launching and everything works fine

action server gets started, all the topics of custom action message are ready, and when i publish the message TAKEOFF & LAND according to sepcifications, the drone does takeoff and land accordingly

But there is an error while correction that “package did not compile successfully”


Please can i know my mistake


Everything is working fine when running from webshells
Please can i know what should i do ??

Hi @bhuratsidhu,

Sorry for the trouble. Could you please check the following:

  • Run catkin_make again to check that your packages are still compiling. The grader is running into some error(s) while compiling your package.
  • When running the grader, ensure there is nothing running in any of the web shells.
  • Ensure the drone is landed before starting the grader.
  • When running the grader, did the drone take off and then land?


Yes, I ran catkin_make before submiting, with no errors
Yes, the drone did takeoff when running the grader
Even the grader is showing, "drone did takeoff successfully "

And only one trial is left !!!


What should I do now ???

Hi @bhuratsidhu,

What you should do - don’t panic! Let me escalate the issue to our Quiz expert. There’s definitely some bug somewhere, and we’ll unravel it.

Also, don’t worry about the trials, I’ll adjust it for you.

Hi @bhuratsidhu,

The error is that you are using a custom message from a different package:

from custom_action_message.msg import CustomActionMsgAction, CustomActionMsgFeedback

This works (and is the the reason you got other points) but in the Quiz, the custom message has to be created in the actions_quiz package, not imported from a different one.

Please adjust that and try again.

No trials left
Can you please add some more trials

Please check now. You now have 3 trials left.