Packages of ROS2(pyhton) do nos work

Hi all!

I am starting to build my skills in ROS2, however in the course of ROS2, I cannot run any package in the termial or simulator.

Most of the time system show me a issue with: “setuptools” in file
help box sais: Import “setuptools” could not be resolved from sourcePylance(reportMissingModuleSource)

Please, guide me to complete this topics, I really like to understand this topics.

Hi @moisesbarbancho ,

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The most common solution to get rid of “SetuptoolsDeprecationWarning” would be to downgrade the version of setuptools that is currently installed on the virtual machine.
Run the below command on a terminal in your environment.

pip install setuptools==58.2.0

This should fix your problem. Let me know if the problem still persists.


Dear Girish,

Thanks a lot for your support, however, my problem is not fixed, and I have a similar issue with Numpy.

do you know where I can find more information related?


Hi @moisesbarbancho ,

Post your error here. I have worked with NumPy, so I can definitely help you with whatever error that you have got there!


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