Particles for robot not showing up

I can see the particles for objects but not the particles involved with localisation

Is this correct or have I done something wrong. Because it doesn’t look the same in the notebook photos

Hello @oei.nick ,

You should see the particles for localization, yes. Review the QoS setting for your ParticleCloud display and make sure they are correct.

I have set the Qos exactly like shown in the tutorial but sitll no particles

Hello @oei.nick ,

Have you set the robot’s initial pose using the 2D Pose Estimate tool in RViz? I can see in your picture you have an error in the Global Status, which suggests to me you have not done that.

I have been getting this error throughout the whole course
I have not figured out how to fix this error I thought it was fine since my map gets produced.

I have set the 2D pose estimate using RVIZ and even using the console.

I have also initialised map server^

Hello @oei.nick ,

Could you maybe record a short video of the process you are following? Or describe here step by step what are you doing?

I’ve just tested it again and I can confirm that’s it should be working correctly. What I do is the following:

  1. Run the file that start the map_server, amcl and the lifecycle manager.
  2. Then, the Shell requests for a initial pose with a message likee the following: [amcl]: AMCL cannot publish a pose or update the transform. Please set the initial pose…
  3. From RViz (with the proper configuration), provide the initial pose using the 2d Pose Estimate tool, and then you should see the particles:

Hi bro I’ve fixed it. Thanks for your help

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