(payment) Card declined

hello, I am trying to subscribe for the learner package, but I am not able to complete the payment it is notifying me that “your card has been declined”, I am from India

Hi @engineeredman , I am also from India and faced similar problems. It’s best to get hold of someone with a credit card (instead of debit) and make the payment through them.

Most debit cards are only for domestic use and does not allow international payments. If you are able to find a debit card that allows international payments, then that would be ideal. With debit cards, it’s best to try out cards of different types like classic, global, etc, each with its own privileges and some allowing international payments by default.

Hope this helped, and its ok, its took me 2 months to get around to making the payment and to find a card that works. I went to the bank every week to have the changes made, but that did not bear result. So best not to rely on the bank and have a trial and error method with multiple cards.

Also, welcome to the community.


What @Joseph1001 mentions is right.
In case you cannot get that type of card that allows international payments, you can also pay by bank transfer. Just send us an email with the amount of months you would like to be on the academy and we will send you an invoice with bank details for transfer.

Hope that helps

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