People tracking, with empty values published to the topic /to_pose_array

I am trying to do the first exercise that is to move fetch robot to follow the person based on leg detection, but even after launching the roslaunch my_people_tracker_pkg leg_detector_start.launch, I get no values to subscribe from the topic /to_pose_array in poses.positon.x. even when I am just using rostopic echo /to_pose_array I am getting as shown in image. is there any other any solution to solve this.


Yeah its seems that the to_pose_array is not working, while the leg detector is ( rostopic echo /leg_tracker_measurements )

Let us have look

Ok, but when i observed with other systems(upper body detection and full person detection), it is working only when person is right infront of them or after 3 iterations or so.

Yeah, this leg tracking is very rudimentary, and its just to show the basics. After this you can find many other much more efficient and also it depends on how well you tune the config parameters