Please update the advanced C++ course to ROS2

Would you please put updating the Advanced C++ course to ROS2 on your todo list. The examples and build process are different enough from ROS2 to be a little confusing.

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Hello @davef ,

That’s an interesting suggestion and we might consider it in the future. However, keep in mind that the main goal of this course is to learn C++ programming, not ROS or ROS2. For that, there are already the ROS2 courses (both in Python and C++). In any case, many thanks for your valuable feedback.

Yes, I under stand that the goal of the course is to learn C++. The challenge is that as a new student one first has to learn Catkin + ROS1 syntax and semantic do the C++ courses. Then we switch over to Colcon and ROS2 to do the ROS2 basics course. It strikes me as an unnecessary source of frustration for students (including me), who are already overwhelmed by a pretty steep learning curve of tools and APIs.

My guess is that a lot of students actually do both courses at the same time. We spend couple hours playing with robots in the ROS2 course. Then we spend couple of hours In the C++ course learning the C++ to necessary understand a section code.

Then we repeat the process. Until we can successfully complete all the exercises without looking that the solutions.

For what is is worth, I am impressed by the selection of topics in the Advanced C++ course. C++ is pretty big and overwhelming. The course does a good job of highlighting the most important 20% of C++ which is necessary to move forward with ROS.

@davef Yes, I understand your point and it makes total sense. This is the kind of feedback that helps us improve, so we will seriously consider your comments for future updates.


I would also appreciate an advanced C++ ROS2 course.
Especially because I have now a issue with this as well which I posted here: ROS2 C++ custom library problem

And I can’t find any solution to that in the course notes.


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