Posting Result after 60 seconds in Husky Exam

I’m having a lot of issues with figuring out how to display the result of my action server in the Husky exam after 60 seconds and I would appreciate having some help with figuring that out. Would the grader have issues with grading if I just don’t include that? I really don’t want to fail the exam since I only have 1 attempt. Thanks!

Hi @phadjian
Which lesson is this? I don’t see a husky exam. Is it in a different course?

no this is the ROS basics in 5 days. It is the final basics exam with the Husky robot

which chapter number? I cannot see it. The last project for me is getting the Turtlebot out of the maze

Were you able to find the test I was asking about? It is Chapter 16, after the appendix

Thanks for your help. The exam is only visible to people from Universities (people with team licenses), and only when the professor (or team leader) has enabled it.

You can go ahead and submit the exam. You have at least 5 retries. Now to your question:

What exactly does the exam ask you to do? If what it says it that you should display the result after 60 seconds, then you just need to sleep your code somewhere for 60 secs (time.sleep(60)) before returning the result.

Thank you for the response! So I am trying to debug my code because even though the robot moves straight and reads the right info, it does not avoid the maze and exit properly. I have used a lot of the example code from the projects but made the necessary changes and i cannot see what is wrong with it. Could you please help?

Hi @phadjian,

Unfortunately since this is an exam, we cannot help beyond giving some hints. You will need to debug the code yourself. The Sphero project uses similar code, so you can take some hints from there.

All the best!