PR2 robot query

Hi RobotIgnite, All,

I’m very interested in the Robot PR2, got a couple of questions

  1. where can I get instructions on how to build one? for testing,
  2. where can I get all its packages and codes to run this Robot and for testing? is there a link to download in RobotIgnite?

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If you ar asking about the hardware, the best place to start is here:


As for the simulation, you can use thisone:

PR2 Simulation for Kinetic

Hi @duckfrost,

Thank you for the PR2 Simulation for Kinetic, I will try this version out ,

But for the hardware, I clicked on the PR2 GIT link, I can see list and lists of packages, but I dont see where the hardwares are listed such as STL/model files, battery it uses etc…? can you please point me to a link or something inside? sorry if its a stupid question,

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