Problem compiling GPS_class

I get this error when running
ser:~$ rosrun rviz_satellite
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/user/catkin_ws/src/rviz_satellite/src/”, line 4, in
from GPS_class import GpsClass, WayPoint
ImportError: No module named GPS_class

Also the topic /gps/fix set by the demo.launch does not update. I get just one echo. /fix topic works but is fixed


The GPS_class refers to the first file that you have to create with those classes GpsClass, WayPoint.
You have to put the name that you gave to the python file that contains it.

Thanks. That fixed it. BUT some other issues

  1. I cannot change the position of the car when starting the simulation. If I put a lat/lon in the demo file as documented I only get one update. The /gps/fix does not update like /fix. But /fix is set internally to start at only 49.100090, 8.69999. How than this be fixed?

  2. The GPS nav example only moves the car x=+1.0. There is no guidance on how to adjust the steering or speed to converge to the wayoint. Any help here?