Problem with Launching Simulation and Connecting with Terminals

Hello, I have been trying for long but the simulation doesn’t launch nor the Terminals are getting connected. I cannot perform any of the tasks.

Hi @murtazab22, I’m investigating why this is happening to you on the Python course.

If you try other courses like ROS Basics in 5 Days, for example, does it load?

I’ll get back to you once I find the reason why the Python course didn’t load for you.

Hello its happening for all the courses

Hi @murtazab22,

I see an error really happened on the computer that was assigned to you.

If you reload the page, now it should load fine.

In any case, I’ll investigate why it didn’t work at first for you.

Could you confirm it now loaded fine?

Yep its working fine now

Thanks !!

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Feel free to create a new issue if any new errors arise.