Problem with LIVE Class 67

When I open the project I dont have the tools and simulation etc. menu on the upper side of the page. Is there a problem on the site or is it my problem with my account?

I cant see the same web page as I see it on youtube. ss’s are attached.


Hi @yavuznurullah,

Welcome to the Community!

No, there is nothing wrong with your account. We have changed the interface a bit, so now the tools are at the bottom of the page. Please check it out and let us know what you think.


Thank you fo your reply.

But I couldn’t find “Choose launch file” in simulation section as described in Multirobots_exploration.ipynb( Live Class: 67)

Sorry for the weird question as I am new to this site. But I am still can’t be able to find a way to get below screen. Is there anyone could help me about the live class #67 ??

What is the correct way to get “Choose launch file” menu?


I’m sorry but it seems that this feature is not yet available in the new ROSDS. Let me discuss with the ROSDS team and come back to you on that.

In the meantime, you can also manually “launch” the launch file from the terminal, or you could launch a similar simulation, using the Gazebo tool.