Problems while running web servers

I am presently working/learning web interface development.
However, I have been facing a problem since last week.The problem is that while running a web server once, even if I close the python web server and the web.launch application, and I move to another exercise (either previous or next), on running python server for another exercise, I find the webpage run for the last exercise.
For example, if I once run the webpage of exercise 4, and then I run exercise 5 or 3, I still see the web page of exercise 4.
Which ever directory I go and run the python web server, I only see the web interface created for exercise 4.
Please indicate the error and suggest the remedy.
Is there some problem with server?

I can confirm that this is working properly, if you follow this guideline:

  • Stop the web server for the previous unit.
  • Make a folder for the unit and create/copy the index.html file (it must have this exact name) in it, and
  • Start the web server in the same folder.
  • Finally switch from the webpage tab to the IDE tab and back to refresh the webpage tab.
# Example
cd ~webpage_ws
mkdir unit_04
cd unit_04
# create or copy the index.html file here. 
# It must be named exactly `index.html`
touch index.html
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 7000

PS: You are expected to have only one index.html file per unit. In some cases, you will start a new unit by copying the index.html of the previous unit. As you work along the units, you will make changes to this file until it becomes a full-fledged application!