Progress lost in a ROSject. How to recover it

I was doing the project on the Basic ROS Learning Week Day 5 and I opened the project of another day in other tab and now it has saved this workspace on top of my project. Is there a way to access past version of the project so I can recover my progress?. Making it possible to see the last versions would be a good idea to implement.


Hi @ignacio.perez.mahiques,

Thanks for letting us know and welcome to the Community!

Could you please tell us which course you are working on and clarify what really happened? The projects are saved per course so if you open another course you will not find any project there unless you created one for that course. Also, the projects files for any given course are not overwritten unless you delete them.

Please let us know so we can check for you.

The course is Basic ROS Learning Week Day 5 and I would like to recover its version from two days. Yesterday I was working on that one and when I opened Day 3 in another tab the Day 5 project disconnected. However, somehow it copied the content of Day 3 project to the Day 5. When I try to open the Day 5 project it appears the notebook of Day 3 and the contents are gone.

Hi @ignacio.perez.mahiques,

Oh, I see. You are talking about a ROSject, not a course. And it’s about ROSDS and not the Academy.

Let me talk to my colleague that knows more about that and get back to you

Hello @ignacio.perez.mahiques,

Please, send me an e-mail with your ROSDS username/email. I will ask for more information and look for your past versions.

Waiting for your message,