Project - Localization - Save Spots

Hello everyone,

I’m wondering why my code does not write all the poses into the .txt file.
Since I had no idea in this particular case i was rude and copied your solution.

After calling the service with the label “end” it runs successfully but in the end no data is written.

I was wondering if i need to be in the right path, if the file has to exist and tried out a lot but unfortunatly nothing was working for me.

Thank you so much for the help you guys are great


Hello @yannickklemme,

Since you are starting the program with a launch file, the file is generated in the ~/.ros folder. If you execute the program directly with a rosrun command, for instance, then the file would be generated in the same path where you execute it.


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Allright i did not know that one!

Thank you sir it now worked out. This could probably be quite helpful for all the fellow students.
Maybe its worth adding into the solutions … :wink: