Project navigation in 5 days using ros

is there is a way to reduce the size of the 2d nav goal arrow in rviz
and i want to mention that when i downloaded the map pgm file and viewed it it seems that the map is veryyy small can that cause problems and how to change the size of the map

Hi @80601 ,

Unfortunately, NO. It is the GUI’s default.
Although, if you have a display for Goal Pose as a “Pose” element, you can set the size of arrow length and arrow head diameter.

You cannot “change” the size of the map. What you can do is to decrease the map resolution value of meters/pixel. If you have 0.1 m/pix then you might get a map, for example, around 200x200 pixels.
But if you set the resolution as 0.05, then you would get a map size of around 400x400 pixels.
Setting it to 0.01 or 0.02 would yield you a bigger map size.