Project: Ros Manipulation

I am doing part1 of Ur3 prject given…after creating moveit package, by giving command
roslaunch ur3_moveit_config demo.launch
the image appear in rviz behaves in weird way just after launch file , it is following the motion without
selecting, Also nothing happens in gazebo by planning

pls tell how to upload video here

Hi @misbahsuhail123 ,

I believe that you cannot upload a video here, however, you can upload a gif image.


So you can record a small screen video and convert into audio-less gif image an then post it here.

Let me know if I helped you!


thanks ok i do the way you told about video upload,Any help regarding the project problem if u could so?

Hi @misbahsuhail123 ,

Unfortunately I cannot help you because:

  1. I am also a student in this website.
  2. I have not yet taken this course ROS Manipulation in 5 Days. It is in my future plans though.

But I am glad I could help you a little!


No problem. Thanks alot for your help,

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