Project sphero help

I really have no idea what i am doing in the sphero project. There is no proper guidance provided along with it. I am just copying the example code and trying out. But i should also understand why i am learning this project and about the IMU too. Is it same for everyone or is it just me who happens to not understand anything in this project. I have coded on my own until now. All the quiz’s too. But i am lost in this project since last week. Can you please try to explain it to me in a way that i could understand?

And also i have a doubt about this
There is no 11th Unit

With what exactly are you struggling? The notebook lays out a pretty clear path:

Steps You Should Cover

These are the steps that you should follow throughout the duration of the project. These steps will ensure that you have practised and created all of the structures that will be asked about in the final exam of this course. If you perform all of the steps mentioned here, you will find completion of the exam to be achievable.

  1. Step 1: Read and Write Topics (Dedicate 2 hours)
  2. Step 2: Use topics through Services (Dedicate 3 hours)
  3. Step 3: Use topics through Actions (Dedicate 4 hours)
  4. Step 4: Create a main program to manage everything (Dedicate 1 hour)
  5. EXTRA Step: How to use python modules from different packages (Not required, included here for information purposes only)

Can you elaborate a bit more, what you struggle with?

It’s just im not getting the proper pointers on how i could solve it further. Steps just say it should be done and example code is here. So can we complete this project just with the example code or should i further do something.Previous quizs were very good and specified what should be done. I could do it on my own. But this is a tad more different and it is combined together. It is confusing for me.

I think that is the point of this project - to apply everything learned so far and to solve a problem on your own. Use the code you have written in the previous courses and adapt them. Try to do the steps mentioned above and follow the guidance in the notebook. Go step by step. If you have troubles with a step, we can help you figure it out :slight_smile: