Project URDF file issue

Ive been trying to work on the project for this course but I have been unable to access the URDF file that was given in the project description. Whenever I attempt to load the file, I get an error message in MoveIt! and in the terminal:

I could be making a small mistake that I am not seeing but any help would be much appreciated.

Hello @maytonnw,

I’m working on solving this issue. It should be solved for today.


Hello @albertoezquerro ,
I appreciate you looking at this issue for me. I tried to load it this morning and the same issues came up. Have you had any luck with this problem?

Hello @maytonnw,

Yes, we were working on this yesterday. However, it’s being harder than initially expected. Hopefully we will have the fix for today. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Hello @maytonnw ,

The issue with the Project simulation has been fixed. Now you should be able to load the simulation without problems.