Provided Simulations Changing

Currently finding that the simulation robots and worlds available with the ROS development studio keep changing, even between sessions on the same project. The only pattern I can decern is the simulations provided are either an extensive list of robots with no worlds, or a more basic list of robots and several worlds.

Thanks again!

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Hi @thomas.hayes.2016,

Thank you for contacting us about this issue.

Could you please provide more context on this, so we could try to reproduce the problem? Could you give some examples?

When I open rosject, the list of available robots and worlds will either be a list of robots including the turtlebot with several worlds including the empty world, and sometimes the list of robots will be far longer including robots such as the Clarkson Manipulator and Parrot AR.Drone, but there will be no worlds available.
By available, I mean available to be selected in the “Select a simulation” window

Thanks again!

Really strange. Should this happen again, could you please share some screenshots?