Purging of Unit Files in Python 3 for Robotics Noetic

After completing all the units in Python 3 for Robotics Noetic, whenever I switch or use a different computer to continue my learning, the files that I have already worked on is no longer there…

ANYONE experiencing this??


Welcome to the Community!

Apologies for any inconveniences. Are you saying your files for Python 3 for Robotics Noetic are missing now? Are you losing the files every time you come back to the course?

Several of us are experiencing the same thing. Since the transition to Noetic files are missing randomly from our workspace. It seems to be triggered by using a different computer than we were previously on. I just redid the maze problem on Saturday and it was not there this morning along with most of the other exercises from the Python course. I planned to cover them with my students and they weren’t there. Imagine my surprise. I am glad this is a practice run-through with my coworkers versus paid students.

Hi @mewescott,

I apologize for this glitch. However, your files are not lost. It just means they didn’t get transferred from the Kinetic course to the Noetic, because you opened the Noetic course before the final migration and created some files there. And we didn’t want to overwrite those files. In that case, we can send you your files from the Kinetic course.

So, could you please let us know specifically for which courses you would like your files recovered? I suppose Python 3 for Robotics is one, are there others?

@mewescott @jasante
I sent the files for Python 3 for Robotics to your registered email for this account, so that you can extra and import the ones you need.

yes, Python 3 for Robotics is the one

Hi @jasante I have sent the file to your registered email for this account. Please let me know if you received it.

Hello @bayodesegun
I still haven’t received the files yet. I checked my spam folder and nothing is in there. Could you please send it again??

@jasante, I have resent it. If you still do not receive it, then I may have to upload the file for you directly. And in that case, you need to back up whatever you have in the Noetic course as of now.

Yea, Can you just upload it my account since am still not receiving it…

I have uploaded it. When you load the course, please remove the build and devel folders and recompile.