Python 3 for Robotics

I was waiting for my robot for the AI robotics course, so I decided to take the exam for the free course Python 3 for Robotics. I passed but it is 50% of the total I had two questions how do I earn the other 50% I didn’t see anything and do you earn a certificate ? If not I won’t bother doing anything more and just move on to the AI course. If you do earn a certificate I will continue.

I think to earn a certificate (the other 50%) you need to take the course Linux for robotics. After, you can take the full exam

To earn a certificate, you need to follow a learning path that provides one. We have two that provide certificates at the moment:

  1. Code Foundation for ROS
  2. ROS For Beginners

The relevant path here is the first one. For that, you just need to pass the exam (which tests your knowledge of Linux and Python) listed on the learning path.

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