Python tests are graded as incorrect - please help!

Hello, I know this is a different topic, I am trying to complete the score in the Linux and Python test, I have finished all the tasks and everything works correctly, but the grading system said that my and are incorrect. I have completed the ( get_highest_lowest) in several ways, and it always work, I’ve even followed the recommendation you made in this topic to ignore the ‘inf’ value, it works correctly, but I still get the “incorrectly completed” on the grading. Can you help me checking this or maybe giving me some recommendation please.

Thanks in advance.

Hello @FreddyGarca,

Please send me your packages to so that I can check them.


I am having the same problem. Each task has been tested in the web-based terminal and works correctly according to the outputs in either the terminal or the simulation environment. However, it never passed any of the grading.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

Hello @stephen_dong_127,

Please send me your packages to so that I can check them.


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Hi, I’m getting the same problem, I have been testing different ways to achieve the highest and the lowest positions but still getting wrong that part, on the simulations it works perfectly but when I upload the exam all I get is a wrong answer.
Some advice? Thank you.

Hello @leonardoquinonez98 ,

I’ve tried to search for your exam files in order to have a look at the code, but I couldn’t find them in your workspace. Where do you have them?


Hi @albertoezquerro , thank you for your support, I found the mistake yesterday and fixed the problem, looks like I wrote wrong a variable :sweat_smile:


Could you share here which was the issue (the variable you had wrong)? It can be helpful to other students that have a similar problem, or even for us in order to improve the instructions of the exam.