Question about required Computers for "Your First Robot with ROS"

This question pertains to the course “Your First Robot with ROS”.
In Chapter 2: Building the Physical Robot, we setup our Raspberry Pi with UbuntuMATE and install ROS.
In Chapter 3: Creating a Simulation of the Robot, the course does not specify where the simulation is to be built. Is it to be built on the Windows Computer Browser running the Robot Ignite page? Or on the Raspberry Pi UbuntuMATE?
Further, in Chapter 4: Connecting to the Physical Robot, it seems like the Raspberry Pi SD card is completely formatted and replaced with a pre-installed ROS??

Does the ROS installation in Chapter 2 just serve to test the camera? Then we replace it?

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Hi Welcome to RobotIgniteAcademy!

So answering your questions:

  1. In chapter 2 you should at the end have UbuntuMate with ROS installed in RaspBerryPi. We also explan how to have the camera set up and running in ROS.

  2. The simulation you can build it where you want. In the course is designed to build it just here in RobotIgniteAcademy, specially if you have Windows, like this you dont need to install ROS in windows ( which is not trivial). Thats the advantage of RobotIgniteAcademy and RosDevelopementStudio, its OS agnostic ;). If you want to leran more about robot simulation creation, please have a look at the URDF course in RobotIgniteAcademy.

  3. Chapter4 explains another way to install another OS in RapsberryPi which is called Rapsbian. You can choose whatever you want. I would reccomend to use the first UbuntuMate, because its more versatile and robust ;).

If you want to learn more about building your own robot, check also the course on “NVIDIA Jetson Nano”. Thats a course where we explain step by steb how to build your own robot with jetson nano.

Hope it helped and hope to see what great things you do with these robots :wink:

Thank you for the quick response! So in chapter 4, if I stick with my Ubuntu installation, all of the commands presented in the course will work as well? Are there additional packages to download for the robot to work? It seems like the instructions are contingent upon the Caspian version, i.e. the sections about setting up ssh.


To clarify, I am referring to Chapter 4, Step 7. The instructions say

7. Once logged in, run the following commands in the ssh terminal:


Followed by


But neither of these commands work as there was no rosbot setup in the UbuntuMATE instructions.

To a lesser extent, this also refers to Step 6, setting up the ssh but I was able to find other instructions to do this on UbuntuMATE.

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