Question about The Construct Lessons


The last days, I have completed some Courses on The Construct.
But, there are reasons that I want to attend some courses again.
Is it possible to complete the lessons, completely (with quizes, grading etc.), again?

Thanks, in advance!

Hi @Eliasmys,

It is possible. You just need to tell us which course and which of the following would you like us to remove from the course:

  • Completion data.
  • Packages already created. We can keep your current packages or remove everything.
  • Knowledge checks (where applicable).
  • Auto-graded quizzes

Hi @bayodesegun ,

Thank you for your response! To be truthful, I don’t need it now, but when I will need it I will tell you. Should I send an mail?

Not necessarily. You can make the request here.

Ok! Thanks, again! I will let you know, when I need to.

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