Question Regarding Kinematic solver and motion planning


I want to have a deeper understanding of how motion planning works behind the scene.

I know MoveIt package is using Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL) by default, but I am not sure what motion planner we are using in our practice from this library.

Here is a link listing all available planners from OMPL

Can I get some help to find the right motion planner we are employing?

Also, I often encountered a term, kinematic solver. It seems like to be used for motion planning, but I am still not sure if they are related. I just want to know if they are related to each other and if so I will study further by myself.

Help me, please!

Hello @tjdtkadn,

In this case, you are using the RRT planner.

Yes, the “kinematic solver” term is very related to motion planning. When a goal is provided for your arm (end effector), MoveIt has to calculate the positions of all the joints in order to reach that goal pose. This is known as inverse kinematics (IK), and it’s done by the kinematic solver.


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