Questions about 4.8 Service quiz

I have completed the service quiz for Unit 4, everything works fine with the programme, the result meets all the requirements and the /turn service is visible in the service list. But after submitting it is always stuck at 4 points. I don’t know why and would appreciate some help.

Hello @SjtuRobotics,

I’ve completed the whole unit (which for services were units 6 and 7) without encountering this issue. If all the requirements have been met, there should be no reason for the correction to get stuck, even if the service run infinitely, the bot has a time limitation (specified in the first quiz if I’m not mistaken). In order to find out more about the issue, I suggest to double check that all the requirements have been respected and eventually attach a screenshot of the point were you encounter the issue.

Edit: I noticed that you mentioned unit 4.8, which I think is the services unit for the course about ROS2, if that’s the case I suggest you move it to that category to get a better answer! :slight_smile:


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