Quick question about cloning rosject for ROS Basics in 5 Days

Hi Construct Team,

I have taken both the ROS Basics in 5 Days course. I have finished the course for ROS Basics in Python, although I have not done my live presentation. I am currently doing ROS Basics with C++.

I already have a rosject “ROS Basics Real Robot Project” currently which I have completed simulation coding with Python (currently not tested on Real Robot Labs as I have issues with reserving/booking a Robot due to timezone issues in your website code, refer: Cannot reserve a Robot [TurtleBot] in Real Robot Labs - #10 by ralves).

For C++, do I need to fork again the rosject or make use of the existing one for C++ also?

In simpler words,
Should I have two rosjects : one for Python and one for C++?
Can I use the same rosject for both Python and C++?

Girish Kumar Kannan

Ideally, you should only do the rosject once.

But the question, for which of these courses do you want to get a certificate? If you want for both, you have to do the rosject for each of them and do different presentations.

Hi @bayodesegun ,

Yes, I am doing Python and C++ to get two certificates. I will definitely be giving two live presentations.

So I will have a catkin package with Python and another catkin package with C++ within the same rosject. And for the live presentations I will present Python for the Python live presentation and C++ for the C++ live presentation.

Would that be fine? Please let me know.


This would be totally fine as it would mean you can solve robotic problems in both languages, which are very different!

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