Quiz scores more deteails?

i am trying to get my head around the quiz scores, how do thy work?
sometimes i just get a mark 10, but i have no way of interpreting it, and how does it check and grade your quiz?
for instance:
quiz at exercise number 9
it does not specify what it would class as finish taking off, only that it needs to return an empty resault, does that mean that 2 meters is classed as being taken off, or 3 meters, also it is asking to publish 1hz feedback, but if you publish in /drone/land topic it takes less then 1seconds to land, so if i use that the algorithm is going to miss the feedback being published as it can happen to fast…
is there a more detail description where it sys how the quiz grading works, as i am now not sure should i check the solution’s, did i pass or did i fail? it only says quiz mark 10…


A score of 10 is the highest possible score. You passed with no mistakes. Everything is based on a score of 10 including you final grade. Hope this helps a little it is a bit confusing at first.

Hello @ziga.rupret,

As @hskramer indicates, a score of 10 is the highest possible. In case you would have failed in some check, brief feedback would have appeared indicating why you missed those points. However, we totally agree that the feedback provided is not clear enough and insufficient. This is something we will improve in the following weeks/months. In any case, thanks for your feedback.