Quiz solver keeps crashing

Can someone from admin log in to my account and check why the quiz solver doesn’t finish?
it “crashes” at the third check as in picture below

also it is strange because the service works, if i just run the server without a client i can call the service and robot will move correctly, also robot will do the correct move if i use the
client launch file.

I did however putt everything with in a class (i wanna program everything in a class)
exercise in question is Quiz in exercise 6



The Quiz solver is quite picky when solving. Specially in the structure and files. I’m sure its working, but understand that the solver needs some kind of common structure for everyone, otherwise it would be impossible to correct the exercises of all the users doing it in different ways.

Try following the instructions of how to set the code and contact us again if its still giving issues.

Hello @ziga.rupret ,

As my colleague indicates, it’s very important to pay attention to the instructions and the Specifications section of the Quiz. In your case, the problem is that your launch file for starting the service server is named start_bb8_move_in_circle_service_server.launch. In the instructions of the Quiz you can see the name you should give to this file:

And it is also indicated in the Specifications section:

If you do this modification, everything should go fine.


oh maan how could i have missed that, must have gotten tunelvision, that was the problem, i fixed it and it worked now.


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